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Great British Classic Magbook
Great British Classic Magbook
Great British Classic Magbook   


There are classic cars – and then there are classic Land Rovers.

Lesser vehicles become ‘classic’ at the sort of age when a typical Landy is still working for its living – often unrestored or, if it’s had something like a new chassis, still wearing the patina of a life well lived.

Land Rover: The Great British Classic celebrates every kind of Land Rover from back in the day. And in keeping with the ever developing Land Rover story, it casts its net far and wide and looking for vehicles which represent the brand.

You’ll find superb examples of the Series I, II and III within the pages of this big, glossy publication. Of course you will. Early Range Rovers and Discoverys, too, as well as 90s and 110s from the days before they were given the Defender name.

But there’s so much more to Land Rover’s history. Notable versions of the Defender and P38 Range Rover are included too. So are the earliest Freelanders – which, after all, heralded a revolution which defined every new vehicle the company has created in the last quarter of a century.

And what of the enthusiasts whose devotion is so key to making Land Rover what it is? They’re more than just spectators in the classic scene – they’re its lifeblood. So Land Rover: The Great British Classic also includes the sort of hybrids, unique restos and modified examples of early Landies which are a tribute not just to Solihull itself, but to the people who love the vehicles the factory used to make.

People just like you. That’s why Land Rover: The Great British Classic is must-read for everyone who understands what makes these trucks so special.