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The Landy June 2024
Issue 202406


June 2024
June 2024   


This month we loosen the reins and let that horsepower run away with the latest instalment of The Landy. The June issue is here and, as always, its 100% Land Rover so let’s turn a few pages for a look at what’s inside…

British adventure brand Defender will soon introduce us to a new high-performance, all-terrain hero and we cannot wait to meet the Octa when it’s finally released later this year. We’ve caught a glimpse and so can you in this month’s issue.

As if Range Rover could get any more exclusive they have now announced a UK-only model – The Burford Edition. Taking it’s name from the idyllic Cotswolds’ landscape and doing so to be ‘synonymous with luxury and a rural lifestyle’, this very limited edition model probably can’t be yours even for the princely sum of £192,000…

Where other than a polo match to debut an all-electric Series IIA restoration that’s crossed the pond for a new life stateside? EV Specialist Everrati couldn’t think of anywhere better, and neither can we for such a high-end custom. Check out what changed under the bonnet from page 17.

In this era of blingers and shinies, we take a look at a true ‘one-off’ in the form of Dave Cooper’s king-cab 90. With a hybrid roll cage patched together from a bounty of elements including some scaffolding and an ‘outside of the box’ method when it came to every one of it’s customisations, this old farm truck became the fine beast you can find between the pages of the June issue.

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