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Overlander 4x4 March 2024
Issue 202403


March 2024
March 2024   

March is properly banging on the door now, so open it up wide and get handed your copy of Overlander 4x4 March 2024!

In this month’s issue we check out the Nissan X-Trail Mountain Rescue model. With it’s glaringly obvious modification of snow tracks in place of wheels and lack of rear seats to create vital space for medical equipment, it’s definitely a far cry from the standard X-Trail. Read how Nissan are using their new creation to help prevent accidents on the slopes on page 4.

History has been made at the Dakar 2024 rally by Carlos Sainz and his fully electric Audi. Find out how Carlos, with the help of his teammates, tussled his way to taking the overall victory and which of his rival racers gave the Audi a real run for it’s money.

There’s a facelifted version of the Jeep Wrangler on the way so, while we wait, we’ve given a Rubicon it’s own feature this month. With more built-in-know-how than anything else out there and timeless features throughout, correct us if we are wrong, but it seems you wouldn’t miss out on much if you didn’t want to wait for this latest model…

The Panda may well be the national symbol of China, but it’s also a true giant on the off-roaders scene. Where the real-life panda fails a bit as a bear (poor diet choices, overtly clumsy, ridiculously cute instead of scary), the Fiat Panda 4x4 has proven time and time again that it’s a properly competent little off-roader. Read how Fiat’s crowning glory has developed over the years and how it puts it’s namesake to shame from page 28.

Join Oli Barrington on his trip to the Alps of Northern Italy, go camping with a modified Mark 1 Land Rover discovery and avoid catching tarantism in Nardo with the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato. To say we’ve packed a lot into the March issue is an understatement greater than the uselessness of those Pandas!