August 2024 issue - Overlander 4x4 Magazine

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Overlander 4x4 August 2024
Issue 202408


August 2024
August 2024   

The August issue of Overlander is finally here and this time it’s a need not a want.

This month, we bring you the chance to see where life begins with trailblazing new engines, a veteran engine emerging from hiding for the first time in 35 years and a globe-trekking VW van whose adventures included its owners’ honeymoon.

JLR are revising the Defender line-up with a suite of comfort-enhancing features that they say are "made for more luxurious all-terrain travel," whilst Torsus have unveiled a new Praetorian for more heavy-duty off-roading.

Get the latest updates from every corner of the 4x4 world, reviews of the latest engines set to power your new adventure and more articles to inspire your next off-roading trip in the latest issue of Overlander 4x4 magazine.