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The Landy April 2024
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April 2024
April 2024   

April has come to shower us with another generous sprinkling of The Landy – this month’s issue is out now!

Fancy owning a former Royal Range Rover? Having been customised to chauffeur the Royal family to and from various public engagements, the L405 currently advertised by PistonHeads for Bramley Motors will set you back a hefty sum if you are interested that’s for sure! Can you actually put a price on such a unique piece of history though…?

Anger continues to rise over the cost of insurance cover for new Land Rovers and Range Rovers. Failing to take recent data from theft reports into consideration, the insurance industry is still quoting inflated premiums for these vehicles and is coming under serious fire from JLR with the manufacturer stating that their new models are among ‘the most difficult to steal across the entire market’.

Paris’s prejudiced parking charges have recently reached an eye-watering peak. A residential vote has meant a 200% increase in parking fees for anyone wanting to leave their qualifying SUV curb side. Will we see a sudden surge in Landy-to-little-car swaps with this in mind? We think not.

The term ‘customised’ gets thrown at anything that’s had any of it’s components even marginally faffed with, but Ashley Russell’s Defender has had some honest-to-goodness creativity put into it and it’s made it one of the best Land Rovers we have ever seen. That’s a big statement, we know, but our feature from page 20 detailing the cabinet of Georgian curiosity that Ashley bought to life and has since sold, tells of exactly why we love it so much.

With more features like these, details of the upcoming Land Rover Show at Bath & West, our essential buying guide and much more, we bring you another dose of 100% Landy for FREE with the April issue.