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The Landy February 2024
Issue 202402


February 2024
February 2024   

The February issue of The Landy is about to drop and it offers to be another informative celebration of the UK’s best loved 4x4!

JLR announce the opening of the pre-order for the fully electric release of the current Range Rover model. With an emphasis on this being a step into ‘modern luxury’, JLR want to reassure potential owners that this SUV will still have full capabilities and be a real ‘workhorse’.

With February bound to be a freefall into terrible weather should history repeat itself, could this be your moment to shine as a flood-time hero? Alan Kidd reports on how to be modest in your approach to the job and have your dash cam at the ready for when the opportunity arises.

This month we shine a spotlight on the latest and best equipment available for the Defender and supply all the details to get your hands on tickets for the latest Great British Land Rover Show where suppliers, specialists and enthusiasts alike will gather for a fun filled spring weekend.

The term ‘barn find’ gets thrown around a little too freely in Tom Alderneys opinion (and we must agree!), but when Rob the owner of the Series 1 discovered on a remote farm in the wilds of Italy says his is a barn find, Tom admits there is a fair amount of accreditation to his statement given he found it himself! If you fancy getting your hands on this piece of buried treasure, it can be found on Page 28 for sale!

This month’s issue also happens to be a landmark edition because we dare to mention a 4 x 4 that isn’t a Land Rover! It’s a brief mention admittedly, but when John Pinder and his friend Leigh chose to craft a one-off 110 trayback from a 1950’s series over purchasing a Toyota Land Cruiser, context was deemed necessary.