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Heritage Land Rover Spring 2024
Issue 202401


Spring 2024
Spring 2024   


From royalty and the rich & famous to raising the question ‘when is a Range Rover too ripe for restoration?’, this season’s issue of Heritage Land Rover steers us from one end of the enthusiast spectrum to the other with plenty of stops along the way!


Last year’s Goodwood Revival saw a spectacular exhibition of vehicles with Royal connections to mark the turning of a year since we lost HM Queen Elizabeth II. Amongst the procession were examples from the Royal fleet and the family’s private collection bought together for the first time. The full review of this unique collection of Land Rovers leads the way from page 4.


What do Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart all have in common? No, we haven’t started a trivia quiz page but, like with many great questions, the answer to the above is ofcourse ‘Land Rover Ownership’! We check out the ‘rastoration’ of Bob Marley’s 109 courtesy of the Sandals resort company and Bob’s daughter fashion designer Cedella.


Are you a ‘shiny’ driver? Well, as the saying goes, all that glitters isn’t gold… that is, unless you’ve bothered to put the glimmer back into an old Defender or Series truck! Find the shiniest of chassis to ever grace a 1960’s Series II in our restoration feature.


Do you remember the beauty that featured in your teenage dreams? Steady now, we’re talking about the beautiful machine not whoever graced the poster above your bed! Steve Murfitt takes us through the journey of achieving his boyish dream of owning a Series IIB and being seduced from an early age by that famous Green Oval charm…


Find all of this, our extensive buying guide, more Land Rover inspiration than you can shake a gear stick at and miles more in the unmissable spring issue of Heritage Land Rover.