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Heritage Land Rover Summer 2023
Issue 202302


Summer 2023
Summer 2023   

We’re proud to announce the first issue of Heritage Land Rover – a new magazine for everyone who loves Land Rovers the way they used to be! Published four times a year, this is not just a traditional classic title about museum-piece motoring. Land Rovers remain usable into old age, in a way no other make of car can match – and Heritage Land Rover celebrates that fact by covering every kind of vehicle from Solihull’s first 50 years. Our cut-off point is Land Rover’s golden anniversary in 1998. So you can expect to find every kind of Series truck, 90, 110. 127 and Defender Tdi in our pages, as well as dedicated military vehicles, the first two generations of Range Rover and the Mk1 Discovery. The very first year of the Freelander, too – though that apart, we’ll leave out anything that doesn’t have proper axles. What we’re not scared of is Land Rovers that have been altered from factory spec with the passing of time. The ingenuity of their owners is as much part of Land Rover’s heritage as the vehicles themselves, after all. So don’t expect Heritage Land Rover to be dry, unapproachable, rivet-counting sort of a read – old Landies are a thriving culture, and this new magazine will reflect every part of it! Our first issue includes restoration stories on an 80" Series I and 109" Series III as well as a Range Rover LSE – plus another Rangey that definitely didn’t end up staying standard. We’ve got a pristine Wolf 90, twice restored despite being on almost no miles, a look back at the original 110 launch from 1982 and a ‘civilianised’ Lightweight. In almost every case, what’s striking about these vehicles is the human story behind them. Which kind of proves our point. Land Rovers’ owners are very much part of their heritage – which is a major part of why that heritage lives on today. And now is has the magazine to reflect it!