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Custom Car Winter 2024
Issue 202313


Winter 2024
Winter 2024   

The Winter 2024 edition of Custom Car Magazine includes the article ‘Fly me to the Moon’, where we explore Nick Mellett’s enduring passion for hot rods and custom cars, featuring his journey to owning and modifying his dream ’28 / ’29 Model A closed cab pick-up. Moving from trucks to cars, the Winter 2024 issue also offers a comprehensive look at a classic ’51 Henry J, owned by custom car enthusiast Ian Dawes. Alongside these features and much more, the new issue delivers all the important events news from across the UK custom car and hot-rodding scene. The standout this month being our thorough brief on The FIA Main Event, that took place 26-29 May. This impressive event, that takes place at Santa Pod, stood up to its tradition of providing incredible racing, and we provide all the details you could want!