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Custom Car May 2023
Issue 202305


May 2023
May 2023   

We all dread getting hauled in for the IVA test. It’s feared as a death sentence for perfectly good vehicles – but even when your car loses its identity at the stroke of a pen, there is hope.

In this month’s issue of Custom Car, we’ve been in the workshop as a Ford Pop is given a ministry-friendly makeover. There are compromises that might make you shudder – but it might be worth it to know your car has a lifelong seal of approval.

Another Pop in this issue is Stewart Johnston’s Anglia, which he’s brought back to life – with the help of some of the best names in the business.

We’ve been abroad this month too, to look at a hot rod that defined a whole nation’s taste in custom cars. Galaxian is a ’27 Ford created by Junichi Shimodaira, one of the godfathers of the Japanese rodding scene, as a tribute to the show cars of the ‘60s – but one which was built to be driven, and driven, and driven.

Elsewhere in this issue, we’ve got a Chevy G10 with a beautifully patinated exterior and, would you believe, its original interior. And, get ready for a shock, an absolutely sensational 1964 (pause) Volkswagen Beetle. Yes, we know, not every CC reader is a Volks fan… but we defy you not to fall for this one.

This issue also sees Keith Lee taking a look back at the career of drag racing legend Norm Wheeldon. And for many of you, the 2023 show season will have started with the NSRA’s Southern Swapmeet… it certainly did for our boys Biggadyke and Pye, who were there to bring you the story of the first big do of the year. It’s all action from here on in!