February 2024 issue - Overlander 4x4 Magazine

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Overlander 4x4 February 2024
Issue 202402


February 2024
February 2024   

 In the February issue of Overlander 4x4, we ask if it will all end by fire or ice, taking on both one of the hottest and the coldest places on earth.


In the geographic centre of Australia’s Simpson Desert, John Pearson joins Dave Price on a major Land Rover challenge across uninhabitable terrain with no survivable option of an ‘off-piste’ route in the blistering heat. Meanwhile, Greg Miller and Scott Brady, along with their Toyota Hiluxes, plough their way through the unrelenting white of the Antarctic and it’s frigid temperatures.


This month sees us have our first drive of the new Ineos Grenadier, showcase the luxury DS SUV spin off the E-Tense 4x4 360 and discuss the award winning, budget -friendly Suzuki S-Cross.


Korean 4x4 giants Ssangyong announce their rebranding with the new name of KGM – a slightly easier one to pronounce with a western tongue, so will we see easier imports and higher sales here in the UK?


We thank GLASS for their ongoing hard work and their hand in keeping a much-loved unsurfaced back road in Derbyshire open for all rights-of-way users.


In complete opposition to the afore mentioned adventures in extreme environments, our final article this month speaks of how the Salisbury Plain offers a fairly singular and spectacular place for you and your 4x4 to be at one – a positive finish.